Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween...okay, ummmm, sure.

As a child, I loved Halloween. What could be more fun that dressing up in a costume and eating tonnes of candy??  Into my teens, my friends and I would dress up for our school dances and in university, the Halloween bash at the local pub was a highlight of the year.  But those were more innocent days.

Fast forward to 2012. I am the mother of a three year old.  We have regular conversations about what to do if a stranger talks to her, about not going with strangers, taking toys or candy from them, and certainly about never going into a stranger's home without Mommy.  Yet, at this time of year, we encourage talking to strangers, in fact we urge our children to knock on their doors and demand candy or face the consequences. What a world of mixed messages!

I always thought trick or treating was for little children but a friend told me that she is locking her doors and turning out her lights tonight because in recent years her trick or treaters have been adults...sometimes not even in costume!!!

Thankfully, I don't get anyone out to my house so I don't have to worry about strange adults in masks at the door.  *shudder*

This Halloween, we are feeling the effects of Hurricane Sandy - lots of wind and heavy rain.  In past years, I would have been disappointed by the prohibitive weather.  This year, I am somewhat relieved by the notion that the wee ghosts and goblins will likely stay inside although it will be a crummy run with the stroller.

In recent news, our community has been alerted to the possible presence of a sexual predator - someone the police have been trying to apprehend for over 3 months is suspected of being in our town.  News to strike fear into the hearts of parents everywhere.

On a running note, the clinic I am teaching has their practice night on Wednesday evenings. I am committed to running with my clinic so will take Miss Moon to a couple neighbours then head out for our run.  In my mind, at three, she doesn't need candy (I guess no one ever NEEDS candy) so we will go to our neighbours on either side, her babysitter's house and maybe to another friend's house then off for our run.  Her favourite trick or treat location last year was the Running Room, anyway (they gave out boxes of Vector cereal).  I will be sure to post a picture tomorrow but for now, here's a visual for you...purple, green & pink fairy pushing Little Red Riding Hood in a stroller decorated with glow sticks.  :)

So tonight, I hope all little ghosts and goblins are extra safe, that this year could be a return to more innocent times when it was a fun time for children - house parties with bobbing for apples, games, songs, and treat bags.  Perhaps I will host one next year.

Now, out for a run to ward off the effects of all the candy!!!

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